Welcome to Marvimon Productions

We reinvent neglected, overlooked properties by adding love, plants and water. Original materials, objects and light are mixed in with the old in unexpected ways. Our experimental designs are informed by each site’s history both real and imagined; Flora Chang was owned by Flora, SmogShoppe was a smog shop and Millwick was a livery for beasts of burden. Valentine and Grass Room, were most recently an old marijuana factory. And Desert Island, our newest venue, is lush oasis in a sea of desert sand.

Creative clients and promoters are encouraged to conjure up their most fantastic live performances and private event dreams – we offer customized equipment, personalized service and support to help them manifest. We know how to plan a party.

Explore images/details here to discover how these spaces could make an ideal location for your performance, ceremony, reception, private event, get together, film shoot or production. And then, please contact us for tours, reservations and guidance.


Grass Room

Flora Chang



Desert Island